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Is The Internet The New Pirates Home free essay sample

? Essay, Research Paper Back in history, there were plagiarists that surrounded Hong Kong and European states. They would look for hoarded wealths and maintain an oculus for gold. A rider ship was one of the few ships that pirates look for since it contained jewellery and money from the people. It was easy to make. Just get in, take what you need, and acquire out. The passangers would non contend, nor would they seek to be brave and acquire their necessities back. Plagiarists could acquire in and out speedy ; therefore, the governments neer were able to come to the deliverance in clip. Well, that was back so. Present twenty-four hours of the engineering age has changed the plagiarists target. They eventually have found a place to acquire their hoarded wealths. No, it is non gilded or Ag. Simple, it # 8217 ; s warez. What is warez? It is a to the full downloadable files on the Internet that are given free to others. We will write a custom essay sample on Is The Internet The New Pirates Home or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Programmers that make package for microsoft, prophet, corel, and many other companies are victims to this Internet scandel. Alternatively of purchasing package, you can merely travel download it for free. No fuss, no jobs. Oh yea, this is bing the computing machine industry more than a 100 billion dollars. Yup, these are the yearss of the plagiarists. They have eventually found a topographic point to populate in on land and have a computing machine. They get into file transfer protocol sites or net sites and expression for warez. Then, they get out before the FBI or any other security can acquire them. These plagiarists are around the universe. They could be populating in the large metropolis or in a small prarie farm. All they need is a phone line and a modem. No more paying $ 50 for package, merely acquire it on the Internet. That # 8217 ; s the slogan. You can name it warez, wares, whatever. Can you believe music is another illegal thing traveling on the cyberspace? It # 8217 ; s a compressed vocal utilizing mp3 format. Some creative persons like it, many others hate it. Lots of money is being lost, as Cadmiums can merely be downloaded on the Internet. You might be inquiring yourself, what # 8217 ; s the large trade? Sounds like something I would wish to make. I guess I can # 8217 ; t assist fillet you but I can seek. Let # 8217 ; s put it this manner, you get a $ 40,000 mulct for downloading warez or mp3s. When you could merely travel to the shop and acquire it for a batch less. Why hazard acquiring fined $ 40,000 when you can merely make the ordinary and good thing? I guess you might state the plagiarists # 8217 ; heads have still stayed the same. They # 8217 ; rhenium still eyeing the gold.

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Chem 17 Reviewer (1st Exam) Essays

Chem 17 Reviewer (1st Exam) Essays Chem 17 Reviewer (1st Exam) Essay Chem 17 Reviewer (1st Exam) Essay CHEMISTRY 17 1ST LONG EXAM REVIEWER I. ELECTRONIC STRUCTURE OF ATOMS -arrangement of atoms’ electrons -the number of electrons in an atom -distribution of electrons around the nucleus and their energies ATOMS *Billiard Ball Model (JOHN DALTON) *Plum Pudding Model (JOSEPH J. THOMPSON) *RUTHERFORD’s Model of Atom -atoms are tiny, hard, indivisible spheres -electrons (negative charge) occupy the atom Atom is mostly empty space with a dense nucleus PROBLEMS with Rutherford’s Model According to laws of physics, Rutherford’s atom should collapse *The model CANNOT explain differences in properties of elements *The model CANNOT explain the colors emitted by elements when heated A. THE QUANTUM MODELS (WAVE) -formed through studies about light DESCRIBING ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE *Wavelength (? †lambda†) -distance between two adjacent peaks or troughs (m) *Frequency (? †nu†) number of cycles(complete wavelengths) that pass a given point each sec ond (Hz or /s) **Wavelength is inversely proportional to frequency. Where: c= 3. 00 x 10? m/s B. QUANTIZED ENERGY AND PHOTONS Blackbody Radiation oPerfect absorber and emitter of light oAt high temperature, solids emit radiation oRadiation depends on the temperature not in the element the solid is made from. oPREDICTION: â€Å"As temperature increases, the frequency of light emitted also increases. † oOBSERVATION: There was a peak. Photoelectric Effect and Photons oWhen a beam of light shines on a certain surface (e. g. some metals), electrons are ejected. oThe effect is instantaneous. PREDICTION: †It will take time for effect to be observed†; â€Å"and light will produce the effect, given enough time† oOBSERVATION: Effect is instantaneous. There is a minimum frequency of light needed to produce the effect. o**†If frequency of light is below a certain value called the threshold frequency, the number of electrons will be ejected. † o**†If i ntensity of light is increased, flow of current also increases. † QUANTUM THEORY (Max Planck *1858-1947*) oQuantum (fixed amount) – smallest quality oEach particle corresponds to certain energy. Planck proposed that the minimum amount of radiant energy that can gain or lose is related to the frequency of radiation. o†Radiation consists of packets/quantum of energy (PHOTONS *name given by G. N. Lewis*). † oQuantum Theory: â€Å"Energy is quantized. It can only have certain allowed values. † oEnergy of radiation is proportional to the frequency of radiation. Higher frequency ? More energy; Lower wavelength ? More energy oMonochromatic light consists of photons with the same frequency or same energy. oIntensity of the light depends on the number of photons emitted per second. Einstein’s Explanation on the Photoelectric Effect Light consisting of energy packets hit the metal and their energy is absorbed by the electrons. oOne packet of energy (phot on) hits the metal surface, one electron is emitted. oIf energy of a bundle is not enough, it will not be able to dislodge electron from the attraction of the atomic nuclei. No photoelectric effect. oIf energy of a bundle is enough (equal to the threshold energy). It will dislodge an electron from the attraction of the atomic nuclei. oEnergy in excess of energy to dislodge electron (in excess of the threshold energy) becomes kinetic energy of the electron. Higher energy/ frequency of light ? more excess energy ? Higher kinetic energy of electron C. LINE SPECTRA AND THE BOHR MODEL Line Spectra oMonochromatic radiation is composed of single wavelength. oSpectrum is produced when radiation from light is separated into different wavelength components. oContinuous spectrum ?ROYGBIV, containing light of all wavelength oLine spectrum ?Spectrum containing radiation of only specific wavelengths Bohr’s Model (Spectra of Hydrogen Atom) oAssumed that electron move in circular orbits arou nd the nucleus oPOSTULATES: Only orbits of certain radii, corresponding to certain definite energies, are permitted for the electron in a hydrogen atom. ?An electron in a permitted orbit has a specific energy and is in an allowed energy state. An electron in an allowed energy state will not spiral into the nucleus. ?Energy is transmitted or absorbed by the electron only as the electron changes from one allowed energy state to another. This energy is emitted or absorbed as a photon, E= h?. For electron to move farther from the nucleus, it needs more potential energy. oDistance from the nucleus of an allowed orbit, n. Energy of the electron in the allowed orbit, n. oApplications ?Fireworks ?Use of emission spectroscopy to analyse for the presence of elements. Success of Bohr Model oIt successfully predicted the frequencies of the lines in the hydrogen spectrum oIt introduced the concept of discrete energy levels of electron in atoms and the first quantum number, n. oThe model failed to predict energy levels for atoms with more than 1 electron. (if 2/more electrons are present, the electrons repel) D. THE WAVE BEHAVIOR OF MATTER Louis de Broglie (1892-1987) â€Å"Depending on the experimental circumstances, radiation appears to have either a wavelike or a particle-like (photon) character. † o**As the electron moves about the nucleus, it is associated with a particular wavelength. The characteristic wavelength of the electron, or of any particle, depends on its mass, m, and moving at speed, v. oThe quantity mv for any object is its momentum. oMatter waves, wave characteristic of material particles. oThis hypothesis is found to be applicable to all matter; any object of mass and velocity would give rise to a characteristic matter wave. Uncertainty Principle -There is an inherent uncertainty in the precision with which we can simultaneously specify the position and momentum of a particle. This uncertainty is significant only for particles of extremely small mass, such as electrons. oWerner Heisenberg (1901-1976) ?â€Å"The dual nature of matter places a fundamental limitation on how precisely we can know both the location and the momentum of any object. The limitation becomes important only when we deal with matter at the subatomic level (that is with masses as small as that of an electron). † E. QUANTUM MECHANICS AND ATOMIC ORBITALS Erwin Schr? dinger (1887-1961) oQuantum physics opened a new treatment of atoms, electrons, ions and molecules: by describing it mathematically oUsed Broglie’s hypothesis that electrons can be described as a wave. oSolutions to the equation are called wave functions (energy state of an atom). ?WAVE FUNCTIONS: ?Only certain wave functions are allowed. An electron can only have certain energy states: the energy of the electron is quantized. ?They are called orbitals. ?Its square (? ) is called either probability density or the electron density. Mathematical description of a region in space where an electron has some probability of being found. ?Each wave function (or each energy state/orbital) is characterized by a set of 3 quantum numbers: n, l, ml oSchr? dinger’s theory chose to define the energy of the electron precisely. Therefore, according to the uncertainty principle, this would result in a large uncertainty finding the locatio n of the electron. oWhen the Schr? dinger’s equation for the H-atom is solved, the resulting wave functions contain 3 integral numbers called quantum numbers. Orbitals and Quantum Numbers oWhat for? ?Solutions to wave equations given ?Energy of electron ?Probable location of electron ?Identify an orbital oTo identify an orbital, we use THREE quantum numbers. oTo describe an electron, we use FOUR quantum numbers. Principal Quantum Number (n) a. n defines a main energy level or a principal shell b. the size of orbital and energy of orbital depends mainly on n c. As n increases, there will be higher energy of electrons and the farther is the distance of the electron from the nucleus. Azimuthal Quantum Number (l) a. Each value of l defines a type of sublevel or subshell, or an orbital type. b. Thus, we speak of op sublevel/ p orbitals od sublevel/ d orbitals c. Allowed values: positive integer values (from O ? (n-1)) d. Orbitals and sublevels are designated by letters. e. Determines the shape of the orbital. Value of l012345 Letter designatedspdfgh Magnetic Quantum Number (ml) a. Describe the 3D orientation of the orbital b. Gives the number of orbitals in a given substance c. Orbitals in some sublevel have same energy but differ in orientation in space called degenerate orbitals. . Value depends on l. e. Allowed values from –l to +l. Spin Quantum Number (ms) a. Pauli Exclusion Principle oNo 2 electrons in the same atom can have exactly same energy. b. Energies of orbital for H-atom. oFor 1 electron H-atom, orbitals on the same energy level have same energy. They are degenerate. oEnergy of the orbitals of H-atom depends only on the principal quantum number, n. oEnergies of Orbitals As num ber of electron increase, so do the repulsion interactions among them. oSubshells in a Principal Shell have different energies: s

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Are all personality disorders treatable Why has this become an Essay

Are all personality disorders treatable Why has this become an important issue - Essay Example However, most of the work regarding this subject has been on the psychoanalytic side. The same is the case with treatment approaches and literature (Benjamin, pp. 8-46, 2002). Almost all of the experts (Millon, Millon, Grossman, Meagher, & Ramnath, pp. 36-39, 2004) conceptually have the same opinion on the idea that the best way to go about the treatment of personality disorders is to discover, classify, categorize and modify the basic and foundation causes of the same. However, the cognitive therapy experts and psychoanalysts differ in their thoughts at the next stage. The cognitive therapy theorists hold the view that personality disorders and its products are realizable by the subject or patient and at times all this is happening under the consciousness of the subject. On the other hand, psychoanalysts think the opposite way. For them, personality disorders and their outcomes are unconscious to the subject and they are not aware of it at all. It is interesting to note here that few of the people go to doctors or clinical psychologists with complaints regarding personality disorders. Despite the fact that there are many people around the world with personality disorders; however, only a few of them are aware of it. Most of them go to doctors with complaints like depression, stress, aggressive behavior and others (Benjamin, pp. 8-46, 2002). More importantly, they view their problematic behavior a product of the external environment. The think they are the victims of the situation going on and they have little or no contribution in their behavior. The problem here is that since they do not think they are responsible for their behavior therefore they also look out for solutions to their problems without realizing the fact that even they can contribute to change themselves. One can find these people saying, â€Å"I have always been this way,† â€Å"this is the way I

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The great pacific patch Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The great pacific patch - Essay Example The western and the eastern garbage patches form the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Larger proportion of the patch consists of the plastic that is not bio-degradable but instead, photodegradable releasing small plastic particles that are harmful to marine animals. The particles act like sponge that soak toxic chemicals in the sea and suspend on the sea water and seabed sediments. When fish and other marine animals feed on them, they may die and their predators may have less to feed on causing successive deaths (Curtin & Belcher, 2008). Changes in the sea life for algae and other marine life also affect human life. For example, changes in water temperatures disturb the numbers of bacteria and fungi in the waters with negative consequences on marine animals and fish. Fish is essential for the growing human population and diseases arising from microorganisms affect food attainability. Wastes from factories cause harm to these organisms and can as well poison wildlife and humans. Wastes from industries also lead to declining of the sea grasses and reduced pathogenic potentials. Sea skaters also lay their eggs on flotsam objects such as pumice and seashells. Increased number of plastic wastes in the seas and large water bodies has increased egg concentrations in the gyre area because the plastic garbage provides surface for laying of these eggs. The marine wastes can also disturb the food webs at the sea in the north pacific gyre. Planktons and algae on the basement of the sea use sunlight to make their own food. The trash that collects on the surface of water blocks the sunlight from reaching planktons and algae which are the most common autotrophs in the food web. The entire food web may change because fish and other small animals that feed on the planktons and algae will have less to feed on and as a result may die. The predators that feed on these fish will also be affected and the food web will be affected in whole (Bowler, Karl, & Colwell,

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Role Model Considerations Essay Example for Free

Role Model Considerations Essay Through the discussions and readings, I gained extensive insight on the many aspects related to teaching. A teacher holds a respectable position in society and he should always try to maintain this through his conduct. A teacher’s primary duty is to teach. But in order to successfully do his duty, it is not just sufficient to be excellent in one’s subject. His class performance is judged not only on the basis of how he is teaching but also on the basis of how he is interacting in class. He should also try to be honest in other activities of school apart from teaching. I can confidently say that the readings and discussions have helped me in successfully achieving the three learning objectives of this week. It is extremely important to identify the potential impact of controversial personal conduct on employment and licensure. To be an honest teacher does not just imply an honest dissemination of knowledge but also points towards the rules and regulations set by the school authorities that a teacher should follow at any cost. Even if one is a good teacher, if he is dishonest in other activities of the school he should be considered unfit to continue with his job. This implies in the areas relating to boundary violations between teacher and students and issues relating to appropriate and inappropriate forms of communication with students as well. If a teacher’s character is not good, the students do not respect him. Ultimately if things go out of hand he may not only have to face a lot of shame for his misconducts but he might even get fired from his job. In my future endeavors I would make use of the facts that as a teacher one should be well versed with the rules and regulations of the institution he is teaching in. He should know the areas in which a student should be reprimanded and the issues in which the students have full rights. He should keep a check on his conducts and should never intentionally or unintentionally cross the line that is supposed to be between a teacher and a student. If a teacher is able to achieve all this he always remains in the hearts of the students long after they have passed out. A teacher should try to be an inspiration and not someone who is criticized and made fun of.

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Business Plan for Restaurant in India

Business Plan for Restaurant in India THAKURS HAVELI is the name of my restaurant which is located at sector-34 in Chandigarh. This is a single unit, large size restaurant that serve or provide a healthy contemporary style food. . The location will be on 34 sec just outside the Chandigarh University and very close to a dense population of the target market. Location which is selected is first on rental basis. After that there is agreement of lease. After when the lease is signed there will be the 3 year of free rent for construction and in that particular course of time start up fund must be raised. After that work is complete Havel restaurant can open and then project can begin. Basically, restaurant infrastructure is a four-storey `building. The ground floor is a fast food junction where you will find Chinese, South-Indian, and American fast food, the first floor is for having lunch and dinner where you can seat with your family and enjoy wide variety of food, the second floor is for Beverages where you will find soft drinks, ice-creams and chocolates with the enjoyment of some games for kids and young ones and the third floor is for people who would like to have hard drinks such as whisky, rum, beer etc. Here you will find food of about 65 countries, new games to play and whiskies at it best. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY As the name of our business is self explanatory that we are one of the best in the business of restaurant not only in Chandigarh but also in India. We have cook of world class that means we select cook from one of the best institution of hotel management so that our customers do not get upset after coming to our restaurant. Here, we provide food of about 65 nations i.e. nearly 1000 dishes either vegetarian or non-vegetarian and as we said earlier we having a bar at the top floor having all types of whiskies, rums, beer etc. COMPANY OWNERSHIP The owner of the company is Ujjwal Galleria, who will handle day-to-day operations of the plan and will work to ensure that this business venture is a success. He will be started this restaurant in 2011, at that time it consists of only single floor but in only 5years he will be grown his restaurant in such a way that able to compete with Indias one of the best restaurants. OBJECTIVES The primary objective of ours is to satisfy customers by our products and services. Therefore we offer a range of packages and services specifically tailored to the needs of each customer. KEYS TO SUCCESS Service our clients needs promptly and efficiently. Maintain excellent working relationships with our staffs such as Managers, Cook and other staffs. Maintain a professional image at all times. CURRENT SITUATION Now days, people are a bit foodies and want to try new and food of other nations too. This is reason why the restaurants becoming so popular in India. Another reason is that people of especially metropolitan cities have a very busy life especially the bachelors who are living away from their home and doing job on cites prefers to eat in restaurants than in their home. This is because they have very busy schedule and they got exhausted after doing job from morning to evening, thus prefers to eat in the restaurants. This scenario is also very common in families as most the family members are busy in their scheduled work in week days and as they got time they used to go to in restaurants to have dinner for a break. Due to this there were many restaurants are being opened in the cities and as a result of which there is so much competition among the restaurants. But despite all such competitions our Thakur Restaurant is able to lead this market in Chandigarh. The all credit is given to Mr. Ujjwal Guleria who made all this possible. INDUSTRY ANALYSIS Several new and innovative technique of cooking is a part of the factor responsible for the growth of restaurants in India. Since the government of India has a policy of liberalization of India today is also a base on the market. According to the survey of the growth of restaurant industry in India is about 5.5%. Many people are also engaged in catering. According to recent survey that was created at the end of 2012, total restaurant in all parts of the world will offer employment to 34.7million people. The fact is the growth of the hospitality industry in India will directly lead to more fast food, because in todays world, young people prefer fast food, not just a fact that the growth of the restaurant is increasing every day. International restaurant opens branches in different parts of the city through the concept of free market and the process of liberization, creating foreign investment. Future of the restaurant is very bright in India. With an increase in the growth in demand from the industry also increased. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT Our restaurant is a single unit, medium size and multiple restaurants that serve or provide a healthy contemporary style food. The restaurant will be located at 34 sec in Chandigarh. Our Mission I give my first preference toward to goal of the firm. I tried my best to achieve this goal. Development and Status This restaurant (Ujjwal Restaurant) was incorporated in October 2005. Mr. Ujjwal Galleria is the first responsibility is to the financial well being of the restaurant. The high level of understanding, attitude and self respect between our staff member and to the customer. The location is only 34 seconds outside Chandigarh University and near large populations of the target market. Location was chosen for the first time on rental basis. Then there is a lease. Once, when the lease is signed there will be three years free rent for the building and in particular, that over time you start the fund should be increased. After it is completed, Thakur restaurant can be opened and then the project can begin. Future Plan If my business is successfully meeting its projection with in 2 year .then after that I would like to created or start for a second location and start making a plan for next unit. Our 7 year goal is to have 5 restaurants in different part of India having a profit of between 10000000 to 20000000. OPERATIONAL AND PRODUCTION PLANS The following operational and production strategies that taken in the Thakur Restaurants. They are: Facilities and Offices This type of plan, I would say for equipment and office, where it is located. The restaurant covers 10,000 square meters, which is around in 34sec Punjab University Chandigarh. New equipment was used and the dining room has been decorated to attract customers. Employee Training and Education In this plan I never make any compromises. Training of all employees should be required. Employees are trained not only work, but also whole concept. There is a cook who wanted to give all the detailed information and also informed of the latest information in fording the industry. Food Production Food production is also an important point in production plan. I will make most food on the premises basis. Kitchen will be very clean and totally furnished. High standard equipment would be used. System Control In this a large amount of money spent in research the quality and integrity of our food. A person is hire who do all this type of research related to quality of food. All this food cost and stock are controlled by the management which is totally computerized basis. PRODUCTION PLAN The following are the Production plan of our restaurant. They are: Our restaurant will offer a large variety of food (Indian, Italian, and Spanish). It also includes a medium scale coffee shop inside it and having a bar at the top floor. Restaurant is divided into three parts Want open a fast food for those who want to eat fast food can sit in this section. Want open for meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) those who want to eat this kind of food can sit in this section only. Want open coffee shop and bar or just a room for discussion where people sit and talk with his friend or any one without disturbing other. MARKETING PLAN Our marketing plan is to establish a well-regarded brand name linked to a meaningful positioning. We will have to invest heavily in market to create a distinctive brand image projecting innovation, quality and value. We also measure awareness and response so we can adjust our market efforts if required. Market Need While preparing a market plan we should know the market need. That which type of market we want or need. There are two type of market need that ant to fill. They are: First one is that to make a market that produce good quality food, having cleanliness environment, with a cheap or low rate. Second one it that to take very few time for preparing the order. In modern life we face many problems in the restaurant. The first is that the food is fat and the other is that they take too much time preparing. So keep all this in view I would like a market offering good quality food in less time allows. I would like to add a coffee shop inside the restaurant to open. This is used for all but especially for those who just want coffee after dinner or lunch. Demographics This is used to tell that our business marketing plan focus on the following category: Student = this include the student of schools and different university situated near by age is from 18 to 20. Town worker = this include the worker or person working in a firm. Thus is the largest group. Age is from 35 to 55 Tourist = this is the person who just come with their family for enjoying. This makes good market for us. Age is from 40 to 69. Advertising After that I would like to spend on advertising. As this is only the medium by which we can make our sale or increase sale. If my business running significantly over our sale then it is not require to spent huge amount of fund in advertising. HUMAN RESOURCE PLAN Ujjwal Restaurant is a unique Human Resources Management restaurant that enables the process of acquiring talent, aligning them with organizations goals and leading the transformation, to help your organization take that leap in performance. From automating routine tasks, to generating strategic reports, to giving access to employee related information through self-service, Ujjwal Restaurant does it all. Our key Modules include Performance Management, Training Development, and recruitment, HR Workgroup and Report/Analytics, Payroll, Self-Service. As far human resources plan concerns it is just about how you manages your employees, thus, the management of employees in our business is as follows: In our restaurant, there are nearly 200 employees, including lower to higher level. As we have one Head Manager who manages all the employees in the restaurant so his salary is a bit higher than the any other employee. We have head in each of the branch of the restaurant such as in cooking department, fast food department, and beverage and games department and bar department. We select employees such as cook, managers, bar server etc. who are passed out from good institution and have at least 2 to 3 years of work experience. ASSESSMENT OF RISK The purpose of risk assessment is to identify hazards that could cause harm to the risks that may result from these dangers and take appropriate measures to eliminate or control risks. Significant findings of the risk assessment should be recorded if five or more persons. Risk assessment of cumulative event distribution and can be made when information was received from the contractor, other companies and freelancers working on the site. It will also need to see the site or sites of specific identified risks to visit. The followings are the main risks in the business if the restaurants: There are many competitors in north region such as McDonald, prà ªt fast food, residency, virtual this are the competitor in northern region. McDonald is the one the best competitor for our business. It is having a more than 6 franchisee in the northern region. They spend huge amount on advertising. They take the help of all medium such as radio, television, news paper. They also offering some discount after you make the bill of 400. The reason of risk is fluctuation in the share market. FINANCIAL PLAN Financial planning is a process of formulating objectives, evaluation of assets and resources, assessment of future financial needs and plan to revise the monetary targets. Many elements may be involved in financial planning including investments, asset allocation and risk management. Taxes, insurance and real estate are usually included. There is some important point which I kept in mind while making a financial plan. They are as follows: Growth rate will be moderate, and in smooth running. Sale would like to increase at a flow of 6% per year. 3. Company like to invest in financial plan and not in the. Company (expect it be necessary) Cost of good. Marketing Fees Marketing fees is generally for purchasing the material for production and convert them into finished product. This is also important one we should reserve some amount of fund for purchasing of raw material. Fixed and Variable Expense This fixed and variable expense is also required in our financial plan. As this expense is only determine by when we survey many restaurant after that we taking actual number from this restaurant which we survey. As by this we can know our fixed and variable expense.

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Private Hospital vs Public Hospitals

Concern over the quality of health care services in Bangladesh has led to loss of faith in low utilization of public health facilities, and increasing outflow of Bangladeshi patients to private hospitals. The public health sector is plagued by uneven demand and perceptions of poor quality. Countrywide, the underutilization of available facilities is of significant concern. For example, one study shows that the overall utilization rate for public health care services is as low as 30% (Ricardo et al. 004). Moreover, the trend of utilization of public health care services has been declining between 1999 and 2003, while the rate of utilization of private health care facilities for the same period has been increasing (CIET Canada 2003). The unavailability of doctors and nurses, as well as their negative attitudes and behaviors, are major hindrances to the utilization of public hospitals. The situation is further compounded by lack of drugs, and long travel and waiting times (HEU 2003a). What is particularly disturbing is the lack of empathy of the service providers, their generally callous and casual demeanor, their aggressive pursuit of monetary gains, their poor levels of competence and, occasionally, their disregard for the suffering that patients endure without being able to voice their concerns—all of these service failures are reported frequently in the print media. Such failures can play a powerful role in shaping patients’ negative attitudes and dissatisfaction with health care service providers and health care itself. The private health care sector also deserves close scrutiny as about 70% of the patients seek medical care from this sector (World Bank 2003). Between 1996 and 2000, private hospitals grew around 15% per annum (HEU 2003b). Benefits of going to private hospitals than public hospitals: 1. Reliability: Reliability refers to providers’ ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately. Private hospitals provides good compatible doctors in some cases they have foreign physicians or specialist, who gives treatment here in visiting basis. They have high-tech machineries which gives accurate and precise results. Supervision of patients is also good for patients who are admitted here. Where public hospital mostly runs with inter doctors who newly started their work. Their medical tests are not that much reliable, as due to inefficient staff and back-dated machinery. 2. Responsiveness: Private hospital staffs respond promptly when needed. The requirement equipments are available, functional and able to provide quick diagnoses of diseases. Also prescribed drugs are available and properly administered. But in public hospitals the response is not that much quick, with lack of proper equipments. The prescribed drugs are not that much available. 3. Assurance: here in private hospitals, with knowledge, skill and courtesy of the doctors and nurses can provide a sense of assurance that they have the patient's best interest in mind. They deliver their services with integrity, fairness and beneficence. In the health care system, assurance is embodied in service providers who correctly interpret laboratory reports, diagnose the disease competently, provide appropriate explanations to queries, and generate a sense of safety. But the public hospitals give a totally opposite impression. 4. Discipline: In Private hospitals the doctors maintain proper visiting schedules and that there are structured visiting hours for relatives, friends, etc. A clean and organized appearance of a hospital, its staff, its premises, restrooms, equipment, wards and beds are visible. The practices of paying ‘Baksheesh’ (an informal but small facilitation payment) are strictly prohibited here. Conclusion: This contention was largely supported since private hospitals obtained better ratings than public hospitals on most of the measures of responsiveness, communication, and discipline. These differences suggest that private hospitals are playing a meaningful role in society, justifying their existence, continuation.

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Nature of Public Administration Essay

Before we discuss about the meaning, definition, nature, scope and importance of public administration we will try to know what is administration, organisation and management. As these terms are often used interchangeably and synonymously, it is pertinent to know the differences and distinctions between these three terms. According to William Schulze Administration is the force, which lays down the object for which an organisation and its management are to strive and the broad policies under which they are to operate. An Organisation is a combination of the necessary human beings, materials, tools, equipment and working space, appurtenances brought together in systematic and effective co-relation to accomplish some desired object. Management is that which leads guides and directs an organisation for the accomplishment of pre-determined object. To put the above in simple terms, administration sets the goal, management strives to attain it and organisation is the machine of the management for the attainment of the ends determined by the administration. Some scholars have a different view about the administration and management. According to Peter Drucker management is associated with the business activity, which has to show economic performance, whereas administration is associated with the non business activities like activities of the Government. The other view is that administration is associated with performing routine things in known settings in accordance with certain procedures, rules, and regulations. The Management is associated with performing functions like risk taking, dynamic, creative and innovative functions. Some scholars of Public Administration are closely associated with the first view that is, administration is a determinative function. Management, on other hand is an executive function that is primarily concerned with carrying out the broad policies laid down by the administration.

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Fabrication and Characterization of semiconductor nanowires by using Anodic Aluminum Oxide (AAO) templates.

Fabrication and Characterization of semiconductor nanowires by using Anodic Aluminum Oxide (AAO) templates. Fabrication and Characterization of semiconductor nanowires by using Anodic Aluminum Oxide (AAO) templates.Introduction:-Great interest has been focused on one - dimensional materials, including nanowires and nanodots , because of their unique structure and properties as well as potential applications in electronics and optical devices.(1)Much effort has been focused on nanostructure formation by self - organizing methods , among them , the anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) templates have received considerable attention in synthetic nanostructure material due to their particular characters (2), such asHave high porosities ( 1011 pores/cm2 ).Easley be prepared in the Lab. With good control over the size (length diameter) of the pores.Very good periodicity of the pore arrangement can also be obtained.Porous alumina forms on the surface of aluminum in a self - organized manner when anodized in an acid under specific conditions. Such templates have recently emerged as an important self - asse mbly method for nanofabrication (3).TheyEnglish: SEM image of ZnO nanowires on copper subs...can be used in different methods to synthesize self - assembled arrays of nanowires of a variety of materials, such as metals, semiconductors, alloys, and multilayers. Two of the standard methods that are being used are AC and DC electodeposition. Morphology and characteristics of the nanowires can easily be achieved by releasing the nanowires from the template. Magnetic, electric, transport and optical measurements all contribute toward the exploration of the fundamental properties of nanostructure materials and point toward their technological potential.In this proposal research, electrodeposition semiconductor nanowires was obtained by AC plating as well as by DC deposition. The morphology of semiconductor nanowires was studied by AFM and SEM. The electric , electronic and optical measurements was also achieved by using different suitable equipments.Research background:-In the electrodepo sition process , a thin conducting metal film , such as gold ,

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Analysis of Enriques Journey Book

Analysis of Enriques Journey Book Enriques Journey experience brings into view the kind of problems one undergoes in the process of attaining their goals in life (Border Film Project 6). This shows that age is not a factor in achieving ones dreams and therefore determination wins it all. Life can be filled with several obstacles such as being an immigrant but the need to overcome such problems and excel defines the life and experience of Enrique who has to travel as an immigrant to meet his mother, have a relationship with Maria Isabela (Nazario 230).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Analysis of â€Å"Enrique’s Journey† Book specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More After, Enriques mother Lourdes leaves for the US to look for money so that she can support her child gain education shows the â€Å"hardships† that mothers go through to raise their children (Border Film Project 10). Overcoming obstacles in life is the most traumatic aspects of the story of Enriques Journey. Enriques mother chooses to do low paying jobs that are often ignored by the citizens of America to make a living that would enable her child get an education. Through these low paying jobs, they improve the countrys economy since the kind of jobs the immigrants do cannot be accepted by the Americans. I chose this aspect because Enrique had to overcome several challenges and problems on his way to America so that he can reunite with his mother, the life in America itself is not that promising as many would have thought. Therefore the life of an immigrant remains to be seen as one full of struggles. He had to be beaten and faced many robberies on the way. However, he is thriving to succeed in his journey to reach her mother is the motivational factor in his success to reach the US. Being determined presents some of the themes in this text and, moreover a reflection of the obstacles Enrique undergoes before reuniting with her mother. Nazario states that, â€Å"she had to work long hours to earn the money† (235). The writer here refers to the time Lourdes would work that demonstrates the hard work of an immigrant and their determination. In addition, the importance of having hope is the key factor in Enriques continued desire to reach the US. Clearly, the contribution of the immigrants such as the likes of Enrique and his mother is great for the economy of the country.Advertising Looking for essay on american literature? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Many immigrants have to survive in all means whatever it takes for them to do so. The method of survival reflects their determination to succeed in life through doing the small jobs and in the end improve the economy of the country. Lack of finance by Lourdes is a show that she cannot be able to take care of her children and clearly that they are living in poverty. Nazario states that â€Å"Lourdes cannot affor d to feed and educate her children, so she leaves for El Norte† (139), this show that the immigrants can be able to do any jobs, work extra hard which is beneficial to a country in terms of economy improvement. â€Å"Enriques Journey† story make people change how they look at the immigrants and need to offer a helping hand because they too are important to the country (Border Film Story). They can help to offload the â€Å"burden† of hard labour which most of the citizens do not want. The determination of Lourdes to make her life better shows the immigrants have a lot of problems and can risk their lives to make ends meet (Nazario 200). The discussion question: Do the immigrants help to improve a countrys economy? Border Film Project. Border Film Project. 2011. Web. Nazario, Sonia. Enrique’s Journey, New York: Random House, 2007. Print

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How the World might change in the next 25 years Assignment

How the World might change in the next 25 years - Assignment Example Deforestation is increasing the global warming problem and is diminishing the capacity of earth to generate oxygen through its plants. The purpose of this paper is to discuss and predict how advances in the management of natural resources are going to change the reality of humanity by the year 2037. The two social problems correlated to natural resources that are going to be emphasized in this discussion are food and air. The changes that are going to occur will come from exploitation of existing technologies and the creation of new innovations. There are a lot of people suffering from hunger today. Approximately 13% of the world’s population suffers from hunger which represents about 925 million people ( A lot of experts believe that the world’s current agricultural capacity has the ability to feed everyone on the planet, but hunger is still occurring. One of the problems with the spread of hunger is that certain regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa do not have the arable land and the basic infrastructure such as water and electricity to create food. In the future this constraint will be eliminated as new technologies will enable the planet to turn salt water into drinkable water. About 20 % of the world land is covered by the five major oceans ( The second innovation that will revolutionized agriculture worldwide is the creation on synthetic terrain. This new form of land can be transported anywhere and by used to regenerate the soil in places that lack arable land such as Haiti. A second major problem that is going to be resolved is the elimination of deforestation. This will occur prior to 2037 due to the fact that the paper wood milling industry will seize to exist. The world will not longer accept humanity cutting down trees to create books, magazines, or any form of wood pulp paper. Luckily this transition

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Law discussions (2) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Law discussions (2) - Assignment Example Another element is offer, which every manager should know is a specifically, clearly asserted proposition (Margolies, 2007). A manager needs to have a complete understanding of the UCC in the state in which he or she conducts business. This is because the UCC is a detailed canon of laws that lead commercial dealings amongst states in the United States (Legal Information Institute, n.d.). Since managerial dealings involve borrowing funds, letting equipment, setting up contracts, and selling products and services, a clear picture of the UCC within the given state is mandatory to avoid legal mishaps. One practice managers in most industries can take to protect the privacy of their employees and customers is knowing the type and amount of personal data the business deals with (Foege, 2013). Secondly, knowing the organization’s duties and risks is essential mostly to employee privacy. A third practice is involving top management in building a privacy strategy for its staff and clients. Fourthly, forming a game plan that entails a privacy committee inside the organization is encouraged. Lastly, introducing oversight of the privacy program to customers and staff members is critical to their privacy (Foege, 2013). I see personal responsibility and accountability fitting into product liability in the sense that limited liability companies have a second cover of liability defense that shields the enterprise from any personal litigation that might affect it. Foege, A. (2013). 7 Best Privacy Practices for Companies Managing Customer Data. Data Informed. Retrieved from